Transcend 32GB Class 10 SDHC (SD) Memory Card Read & Write Speeds 15.2MB/s

Transcend 32GB Class 10 SDHC (SD) Memory Card Read & Write Speeds 15.2MB/s

We often imagined that the memory card read and write speeds that were claimed by manufacturers, would be similar to the claimed 0-62mph sprints of cars. By this we mean unachievable. However, how very pleasantly surprised after doing our own tests on the read and write speeds of the Transcend SDHC Memory Cards in this particular instance.

Transcend Class 10 SDHC Memory Cards are ideal for today’s HD devices that require fast write speeds in order to capture the HD video in all its glory.

So here we have the Transcend 32GB Class 10 SDHC Memory Card which we tested using the H2testw software to verify, as near as available to the average punter, the read and write speeds.

The 32GB Class 10 cards came out with impressive results;
Read Speed: 18.5MB/s
Write Speed: 15.2MB/s

The most important data as always is the write speed, which is the speed at which is takes to write the data to the memory card. So in easy language if you’re not tech minded, from when you click the button on your device e.g digital camera, the time it takes to issue the image you have just taken, to the memory of the card. So in theory with fast write speeds, then you should be able to take more images and frames per second.

A HD video device, e.g camcorder or camera is slightly more specific on what card is required. You ideally will need a class 6 memory card or above to shoot in HD, this is to prevent breakup of the video when recording, and to improve the smoothness of the video as video flows rather than an image, which is captured as a still.

Read speeds are critical for time that it takes for data to be copied to your PC or Laptop for example. So if you have a 32GB memory card full of data, then a higher read speed will take less time to transfer that data to your PC/Laptop. It is actually quite noticeable when it comes to read speeds, especially on the 32GB cards, as a card full of data can take quite a while to read/transfer the data. So if you’re not into waiting around for long transfer times then we recommend the faster read speeds! Generally, the higher the write speed and capacity of a card, is reflected in the read speeds.  E.g a 32GB card class 10 will have a higher write speed over a 4GB class 10 SDHC memory card.

These Transcend cards are rated at 10MB/s but as you can see from the above they’re well over the minimum sustained write speed. The test results screenshot is shown below.

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